More About HD POV


Before HD POV there was just POV. Digital Point of View had its humble beginnings back in 1999 creating and operating POV (Point of View) cameras for MTV’s Senseless Acts of Video, an extreme stunt show. DPOV then began using guerrilla hidden camera systems and robotic camera systems.


The company has a wide variety of specialty HD POV camera systems including small, lightweight, High Definition Underwater cameras, Sony HDV clamshell decks and other HDV cameras like the Canon HV10 and the Sony FX-1. The robotic side of the company consists of Sony BRC-300s and Pelco systems.


DPOV specializes in all HD POV cameras, Helmet cams, both forward looking and reversals, button cameras, glasses cameras and custom built pinhole cameras, lipstick cameras like the Sony 555 for cars, planes, boats, ATV’s and almost anything else you can think of. Need something smaller? Try a 525 line pencil camera recording to a small mini DV deck or an even smaller MPEG 4 SD recorder. Digital Point of View also has larger DV recorders like the DVCAM DSR-50, DSR-45, Mini DV GVD-1000 and HDV/DV GVHD-700.


Poverty stricken but still need 16:9? Try a CVX-18 Day/Night camera to a GVHD 700 in DV wide mode. The CVX-18 is a good IR nightvision camera with an 18X optical zoom lens. Light the way at night with auto switching IR illuminators for every room on the set. DPOV has its own mobile control van, a converted 25ft mini bus, perfect for a low profile control room.


For lighting, we carry 9 inch Kino kits and tiny micro-flo lights. DV audio can be tricky, but Wendt X2 mixers and Sony 44B mics do a good job, using inline high gain mics for a natural sound channel.


Whether your host needs to do a stand up while on a roller coaster or you need a camera on a contestant climbing a wall, DPOV can help with all things HD POV.